Set a new kind of trousers

Whatever the style, whatever the fabric,
we make comfortable pants.

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Respect our planet

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A revolutionary combination between comfort and style.

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Waist Comfort Band.
The most comfortable
tailored waistband ever made.

The original waistband

Waist Comfort Band is the first elastic waistband patented as an original technology.


Create your style

Choose from our base models
and set your own GTA pants.

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Slow Fashion

In our online shop we propose a slower fashion.
We only produce what you order.


Choose a new way of producing clothes and create your own trousers.

The highest quality
trousers can reach

Made in Italy

Your customized pants
will be made in our Lab.

High-quality materials

Selected and resistant fabrics,
projected to last long.

Sartorial details

All the features sartorial
trousers should have.

Unique technology

GTA pants are the only ones
with WCB technology.

Trousers nerds since 1955

For more than 60 years, we only focused on one thing: making pants better.
We’ve constantly been redesigning what trousers should be.

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