1. "GTA Circle" Program

The “GTA Circle” program (“Program”) is a promotional initiative organized and managed by G.T.A. Moda S.r.l., C.F. and P.IVA IT01054650286, with registered office in Tencarola di Selvazzano PD), via Padova 115 ("Promoter"), which can be activated after registering at

2. Recipients

Participation in the Program is reserved for all natural persons, over 18 years of age and residing in the Italian national territory, qualifying as consumers pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 206/2005, who choose to join the Program ("Participants"), after acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth in these regulations ("Regulations") and in accordance with the registration and operation procedures set forth below.

3.  Registration

Participation in the Program is free of charge and will take place at the same time as the creation of one's own Account by filling in the registration form found in the "My Account" section of the website.

The Participant, to complete the registration, will have to confirm his/her identity through the link that the Promoter will automatically send to the email address indicated during registration.

In order to enable the provision of benefits related to the Program, it is essential the release of the name, surname, date of birth and email address of the Participant, who agrees to provide true and correct data and not to use fictitious names or data belonging to third parties. 

Registration completed in accordance with the above procedures will allow the Participant to access his or her personal page on the brand's e-commerce site.

Only one Account may be associated with each Participant. 

In case of any doubts or requests in relation to the operation of the Program and the contents of these Rules, Participants may contact the Promoter at the address indicated on the website.

4.  Benefits

On joining the Program, the Participant, upon identification by login, will be able to access the section dedicated to the brand's in-stock products, otherwise not visible to non-members. 

In addition, joining the Program will enable the Participant to: 

(i) receive a 10% discount on the first purchase made within the next 10 days from the date of enrollment in the Program;

ii) accumulate loyalty points against clothing purchases made on the Platform ("Points"), which can be redeemed for discount vouchers that can be used on future purchases of other brand products ("Discount Vouchers"), as provided in these Rules;

(iii) receive preview invitations for sales or promotions;

(iv) on his/her birthday and exclusively during the period between the 7 days before and 7 days after the date of his/her birthday, be eligible for a 20% discount on a single purchase, which cannot be combined with other promotions.

5. Accumulation of Points and Discount Coupons

Following the purchase of a product of the brand - after entering his/her credentials - the Participant will be entitled to be credited with Points whose balance will be visible by accessing his/her personal area, at any time. 

These Points will be credited within 2 business days after the purchase is finalized, according to the following calculation methods:

(a) 1 point for every € 1 spent on configurator items;

(b) 1 point for every € 2 spent on in-stock items.

At any time during the course of the duration of the Program (as indicated below) and until the deadline indicated in the following article, the Participant may choose to convert the Points into Discount Coupons.

The Participant may obtain Discount Coupons according to the following thresholds:

- upon reaching 250 Points, Discount Coupon of €10;

- upon reaching 550 Points, Discount Coupon of € 25;

- upon reaching 800 Points, Discount Coupon of € 50;

- upon reaching 1200 Points, Discount Coupon of € 100.

The purchase of products to which the Participant applies a Discount Coupon concurs to the accrual of Points net of the value of the Discount Coupon itself and, therefore, limited to the price actually paid by the Participant; likewise, a Participant who makes a purchase taking advantage of other promotions, such as those provided for in points 4 and 5, will be entitled to the accrual of Points, in proportion to the purchase price actually paid in cash and net of such promotions.

Points are not transferable to third parties, or convertible into cash, and must be used in one lump sum.

Should the Participant use a Discount Coupon with a higher value than the products purchased, the Participant will not be entitled to receive the difference in cash or by way of a new Discount Coupon.

Discount Coupons are redeemable from the purchase following the one that allowed the relevant Points threshold to be reached and are redeemable only for purchases made on the Platform.

6.  Duration of the Program

The account holder is considered a Participant in the Program from the time of its registration until its termination or revocation. 

The account holder may revoke his/her membership in the Program at any time by contacting Customer Service/sending an email to

The Promoter may terminate the Participant's membership in the Program, at any time and without notice, in the event of fraudulent or improper use of the Program or use that is detrimental to the same or otherwise in violation of these Rules; reserving the right to take legal action against the terminated/revoked account holder. 

Termination or revocation of the Program shall result in the cancellation of any and all benefits that may have accumulated and not been used, and re-enrollment in the Program shall not entitle the Participant to the reattribution of any Points and Discount Coupons eliminated as a result of the above cancellation.

7. Duration of Point Collection

Participants may accumulate Points for purchases made during the periods between 15/11/2023 and 12/31/2024.

The Points accumulated by the Participant may be used, in the form of Discount Coupons, in the event of reaching one of the thresholds indicated above, by the date of the conclusion of the Collection of Points indicated above. Should any points accumulated during the period mentioned above still remain unused as of 01/01/25, a validity extension of 12 months will be provided for them. Therefore, at the expiration of 12/31/25, if unused, such remaining points will be cancelled.

8.  Returns

Any returns made by the Participant, in compliance with the provisions of the general conditions of sale, will generate the deduction of the Points given at the time of purchase of the product, limited to the value of the return made, according to the same calculation method applied at the time of purchase.

If the Promoter should cancel - for any reason and even only partially - the order of products whose purchase had generated Points in the head of the Participant, in accordance with the provisions of the general conditions of sale, the same will provide for the reversal of the Points disbursed.

If the purchase of the products subject to return or cancellation was made - even partially - through the use of a Discount Voucher, the Promoter will refund in cash in favor of the Participant the price paid in cash by the latter, the reversal of the points disbursed in connection with the purchase as well as the issuance of a new Discount Voucher of the same value as the one used for the purchase.

9. Modifications to the Regulations

The Promoter reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the Program at any time, at its sole discretion and without any obligation to give prior notice. In the event of any changes, the new Rules will be posted on

However, it is understood that any changes to the Program or these Regulations will not affect the Points and Discount Coupons accrued by Participants.

10.  Personal Data Processing

The Participant's data will be processed in accordance with current national and European legislation (Legislative Decree 196/2003, Legislative Decree 101/2018 and European Regulation "GDPR" 2016/679) and as indicated in the Privacy Policy below

11.   Final Provisions

Participation in the Program implies acceptance of these Regulations, without limitation. 

The conduct of the Program and these Regulations are governed by Italian law, without prejudice to the rights attributed to consumers by mandatory provisions of law in force in their country of residence.

This promotional initiative does not constitute a prize competition within the meaning of Article 6, No. 1, letter c-bis) of Presidential Decree No. 430 of October 26, 2001.