Wear a new attitude not a uniform

The Spring-Summer 2024 campaign delves into our connection with dreams and desires, exploring the boundaries of what we deem impossible. Inspired by a French motto from the 1960s, as quoted by Albert Camus in 'Caligula' – 'Ask for the impossible, because the impossible happens' – the campaign features models immersed in surreal, imaginative, and timeless worlds. These worlds are populated by vibrant, unlikely creatures, akin to an incredible dream. The models are encouraged to embrace authenticity, find joy in being themselves, pursue their dreams, confront fears, and challenge the pace of reality and the status quo.

The campaign's claim is 'Wear a new attitude, not a uniform', urging awareness about the impactful nature of our clothing choices as a form of self-expression. Clothing becomes a tangible reflection of identity and intentions. It underscores the importance of embracing one's eccentricities, even when it seems challenging, and celebrating the beauty of simplicity. For us, fashion serves as a genuine means of self-expression.