We’re the latest evolution of the Italian tailoring heritage

Discover GTA pants

Here to innovate

Since we started sewing the first trousers in 1955, we’ve been asking ourselves how to improve their comfort and functionalities. We answer that question by inventing some of the most valuable details that now characterize worldwide sartorial pants.

We can proudly say that we have marked the history of this product.

Today we’re still the same trouser technicians, with the same meticulous attention to detail and an insatiable desire to make pants comfortable, durable and suitable for contemporary lifestyles.

We believe we’re responsible
for making people feel good.

And this is something that goes beyond fashion.
That’s why we put the pursuit of well-being as our guide value.

Looking toward tomorrow

We wrote a brand manifesto, but it doesn’t show us who we are right now.

It shows who we want to be, our commitment, and a promise we made to ourselves.

It will be a long journey, but it will be worth the trip.

Set a new kind of well-being
To feel at ease and be our best selves.

Set a new kind of sustainability 
To make the world feel at ease with our presence.

Set a new kind of inclusivity 
To make everyone feel at ease in our community. 

Set a new kind of body positivity
To make everyone feel at ease with their self 

Set a new kind of trousers
To make everyone feel at ease by wearing them. 

And do it kindly.