Developing new ways of wearing trousers

Trousers aren't just fashion

They’re also a tool we wear, with which we spend thousands of hours every year. That’s why we think comfort is not less important than look.

Waist Comfort Band:
make your sartorial pants
feel like a pajama.

The original elastic waistband

Waist Comfort Band is the first elastic waistband patented as an original technology.

Transforms no-stretch fabrics into elastic

The pant that adapts to the body

WaistComfortBand guarantees an elasticity at the waist of + 6cm in firm fabrics and even more in stretch ones.

Same style
more comfort

Your waistband will maintain the clear and elegant look of sartorial trousers. But you’ll feel the difference.


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Feel the pleasure of wearing a pant with Waist Comfort Band.

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