AW 2023 Campaign - Let the journey begin

In the centenary year of Italo Calvino's birth, celebrated as one of Italy's most distinguished postwar writers, our campaign pays tribute to his iconic work, 'Invisible Cities.' This novel embarks on a fantastical journey into the author's imaginative portrayal of Venice, simultaneously offering an introspective odyssey delving into the profound meaning of life.

‘Invisible Cities’ is a mirage, an entrancing voyage into Italo Calvino's fantastical vision of Venice. It diverges from the conventions of a typical travelogue or city guide, affirming that Venice is not merely an architectural wonder but also a living work of art.

In this regard, Invisible Cities becomes a repository of memories that will endure and transform within each reader's consciousness, taking on as many subtle variations as there are individuals who engage with it—much like Venice reveals a distinct facet to each and every traveler who graces its enchanting waters.

We created with an artificial intelligence engine our own journey through several imaginary Italian cities. You won’t recognize any of them and at the same time all of them, because they are not photographs but memories of many trips across our beautiful country.

We've chosen 'Travel' as the central theme for our AW2023 campaign because, through the act of traveling, our feet forge their own unique paths, and our hearts start to dance to an unfamiliar melody. The journey of self-discovery has now set sail. Hop on board and be part of the adventure.