GTA's AI-powered SS 2024 campaign takes centre stage

Despite the pervasive digitalisation, the shopping experience remains paramount. Window displays now resemble marketing advertisements. Significant investments continue in this sector to uphold a brand's image. Premium brands prioritise crafting window display campaigns with storytelling elements that mirror their identity, engaging customers in an exclusive way. Shop windows still play a pivotal role in retail, captivating passersby with displays that showcase style, quality, and the uniqueness of a brand. A well-designed window communicates a brand's identity and values, igniting desire in potential customers and setting it apart in a competitive market. By driving foot traffic and fostering loyalty, windows serve as dynamic canvases, crucial for establishing a strong retail presence and building lasting relationships with customers. With our decision to utilise AI for our advertising campaigns, we have produced hundreds of photographs for magazines and social media channels. However, we have also recognised AI's potential for tailoring, which is our forte. AI empowers us to create bespoke and memorable shop windows across various locations and cities, ensuring that each campaign meets the unique needs of its setting. At Cortina's Marinotti shop, for example, our SS 2024 campaign was customised to feature the majestic Alps and traditional Alpine attire.


Whilst the German department store Eckerle selected one of our most vibrant and sophisticated campaign photographs. They prominently displayed it across eight windows in Germany, accompanied by our campaign slogan.