The slowest fashion can be

In our online shop we’re testing a new idea of fashion industry.

We only produce what we’ve already sold

We want to avoid unsold products and wasted resources. So we won’t produce more than what’s needed.

Projected to last long

We create trousers with simple and minimal designs, but great and resistant fabrics.

We want them to survive over many and many years.

You create your trousers,
we start producing them.

Customize you product
Choose your style

Start choosing between
our base models.

Design your trousers

Select fabrics and colour,
and compose your look.

Wait some days

The time it takes
to hand-make your pants.

Wear your pants

And feel the pleasure of wearing
Waist Comfort Band.

You get customized pants
We avoid waste
The planet suffers less

It’s a win-win-win